5 Helpful Investment Tips

Jun 5, 2018

Scared about getting a property investment? Here are 5 helpful investment tips in securing our financial future.

On using home equity

Use no more than 60% of your home equity as security or better yet, use the least amount of equity as security and set aside 6 to 12 months worth of mortgage repayments.

Hire a quantity surveyor

Hire a licensed quantity surveyor to help you reduce your tax. Ask for your property’s property depreciation schedule before deciding to rent the property.

Understand Gearing

You can choose to contribute more financially to annual property costs through negative gearing. Ask your accountant to better understand gearing and how it can reduce your tax or increase your income.

Research the Market

Make sure you know well which type of property you want and which areas can cater your preferences. Use credible sources to get to an informed decision with your investment.

Buy Right

Get everything covered. Know your investment goals well and how you can reduce risk.


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