Tips on buying an off the plan apartment

Aug 7, 2018

Planning on buying an off the plan apartment? Check out the tips below to get your money’s worth.

  1. In seeking financing, make sure to be fully informed of your lender’s policies.
  2. There are government grants you can take advantage of.
  3. Set you priorities and know what you need to buy looking for the right property.
  4. Research on areas you’re interested in and the financial position of developers working on those areas to know if they’re stable.
  5. It might be best to buy when property is close to completion as banks will be more certain of the investment  and prices are more definite.
  6. Make sure you are informed of all inclusions in the property.
  7. It helps to get legal advice on the contract.
  8. Inspect the apartment thoroughly before paying off the balance so developers can still fix what needs to fixed.

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